中文學校2018?~第3季開學日期: 2018年 7月28日! Chinese School (Third Term) resumes on 28th July.., 2018.

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Welcome to Our Chinese School -  



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Ø  The school is a Christian organisation incorporated as a non-profit-making School in NSW since 1989.

Ø  It is one of the leading Chinese Schools in Sydney.

Ø  It has 3 locations to provide quality Chinese Education to the communities.

Ø  The school receives government funding from the Community Languages Program under the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Ø  It is a member of NSW Federation of Community Languages Schools & Chinese Language Education Council of NSW.






The School Objectives:


The school strives to promote cultural, moral, civic and Christian education.





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Teaching Methods:


Ø    Communicative and interactive approaches are emphasised to create an interesting and relaxing learning environment for students.

Ø    Promote proper pronunciation of Chinese through lots of practice in class time.  Mandarin pronunciation is based on the fundamental learning of HANYU PINYIN. 

Ø    Promote the learning of Conventional Chinese Characters.  When students have mastered the basic structure of conventional characters, simplified Chinese characters will be introduced.

Ø    Promote Chinese Culture, students?? moral development, civic and Christian education through assembly talks and extra-curriculum activities.  






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Language Courses Provided:


Ø    Mandarin & Cantonese classes from Kindergarten to High School levels.

Ø    Mandarin Conversation classes for adolescents and adults.




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Textbooks and Teaching Materials:


Ø   Textbooks used for our kindergarten, primary and secondary levels are donated by Sydney Chinese Cultural and Education Centre and subscribed from Chinese Language.  These textbooks are specially written and designed to suit the needs of students who are born overseas. 

Ø    Teaching materials for students in Mandarin Conversational classes will be organised by class teachers according to students?? needs and levels.





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Teachers?? Qualification:


Ø   Our teachers are recruited by a staff selection panel.

Ø   They are very experienced teachers with proper language-teaching qualifications which are required and recognised by NSW Department of Education and Training.

Ø   All teachers are required to participate in on-going Professional Development Programmes in order to maintain high quality language teaching.